About Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu

Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu

Noeleen was born and raised in Umtata and started her broadcasting media career on Radio Transkei in 1986. Later, in 1994, Noeleen moved to Johannesburg where she applied for a job on 702 and started at the bottom again as a junior reporter before landing a co-hosting position. Her growth at the station was sudden as listeners embraced her generous, spirited style as a news reader first and then as a news editor.

Noeleen is a journalist by trade and spent several years in news handling for Radio Transkei and Radio 702. In addition to her work on radio, she worked in news for television.

In 1994 Noeleen moved to Johannesburg in pursuit of better prospects. She joined Radio702 as a junior reporter before landing a co-host position. In the space of four years she worked her way up and became the station’s news editor. Noeleen registered for a Management Advancement Programme (MAP) with Wits Business School and duly completed the programme in 1999.

She was later on the PRIMEDIA Board from 2001 and hosted her own daily show before leaving the company at the end of 2002. Noeleen also won a Global Population Institute Prize for Best Programme of the Year, which she received at an event in Cuba, 2002. Noeleen’s TV and radio experience has made her a popular celebrity and MC at corporate events.

Noeleen’s six years at Radio Transkei gave her the opportunity to develop an in-depth knowledge of journalism as well as Public Relations, both in theory and in its application.

Noeleen later became the host of the popular show, 3 Talk with Noeleen, which ran for a number of years. Three days before her farewell party as the show came to an end, Noeleen said, “Stay humble and true to yourself. The show is not about you, it’s about the person you are interviewing. I am interested in the guests and don’t tell me how fabulous you are, the viewers will decide how fabulous you are.”

She aimed this advice at new presenters and also said, “If you believe in yourself, go for it. You can’t be someone else, you have to be you.”

“It’s so broad that if a marketer would try to narrow 3Talk down, it would be impossible. Petrol pump attendants tell me they watch 3Talk and doctors tell me they watch. I’m always trying to find the reason for the broad appeal. It’s pleasantly surprising.”

3 Talk with Noeleen aired its last show on 20 April 2015 and was vastly popular throughout its duration.